Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Reflections at the NEC restoration show

Last weekend we had a great day at the NEC restoration show.  Our car mad son has up-ed the car stakes, and is now playing 'guess the car'.  Nothing unusual about that you might say, except he's playing it by looking at a stripped back car chassis.

At two he could identify every make of car in a car park.  At three, it was every make and model.  And now, at five, it's the make and model from the chassis.  What next I wonder?

Anyway, if you like cars and are thinking about attending the restoration show at the NEC, I highly recommend it.  It's interesting, with loads of good cars to look at in all states of repair.  A major highlight for us was meeting Mike Brewer and Edd China from Wheeler Dealers.  We all like the show (our son chooses it over Cbeebies any day of the week) and they were top guys who both stopped to chat and have pictures taken...

This picture sums up the show perfectly for me.  This is a fully restored black Mustang, but all I can see is the reflection of our son taking the picture.  It was his car of the show and he wanted to capture it.

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