Monday, 31 March 2014

Little bag of MamaBliss new mum gift review

Any kind of pampering when you're a new Mum is very welcome.. and the Little Bag of MamaBliss gift bag from MamaBabyBliss designed specifically for new Mums is a perfect way to reclaim some calm and time to yourself.

The gift bag contains three products and a guide to MamaBliss.  The products are: relaxing bath soak, bliss stick and Mummy baby balm.  All come in a lovely pink voile gift bag.  It retails for £22.50 which I think is a fair price for lovely, natural products.

MamaBabyBliss bliss stick

The MamaBabyBliss bliss stick is an uplifting oil 'roll on' stick.  I absolutely love it.  The main scent I get is a fresh but warm citrus, and I use it everyday on my pulse points for an instant uplift.  I find the scent very calming and uplifting and it helps me focus.  The stick contains 10ml, which will last for ages, and the natural active ingredients include aloe vera, calendula, bergamot, lime and geranium oils.

MamBabyBliss Mummy Baby Balm

This is a wonderful rescue balm for any dry and chapped areas of skin on Mum, Dad and baby.  Very thinly applied it would work as a nappy cream (although baby girl rarely suffers so I haven't tried it as so), or as a barrier for extra dry skin, or a lip balm.  I love to use this on my hands, where my skin gets so dry and chapped it often bleeds.  This provides a perfect moisture 'hit' and protective barrier.  This is also approved for breastfeeding, and I'm sure would provide lots of relief in those early 'wincing' days.

The tube contains 50ml and again the ingredients are natural:  sunflower oil, beeswax, shea butter, mango butter and vitamin E .

MamaBabyBliss relaxing bath soak

The last product in the bag is an absolutely gorgeous smelling relaxing bath soak.  In those early new baby days the idea of having a bath all to yourself for a while seems impossible - this bath soak would make it happen!  I use only a very small amount (a drop or two), and it fills the bathroom with a lovely lavender, geranium and lemon scent.  With such a small amount, it doesn't bubble too much - I prefer it this way.  I also love that it contains no sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate which tends to irritate our son's skin.  The kids sometimes have this in their bath too when I want them to smell extra lovely!  

The bath soak contains 100ml (enough for loads of baths if used sparingly) and the ingredients are all natural: aloe vera, calendula, lavender and geranium oils.  A perfect and soothing combination for postnatal Mums.

Little Guide to MamaBliss

Lastly, the Little book of MamaBliss gives some hints and tips about enjoying a daily dose of MamaBliss on your own and with baby.  It's a nice addition to the set.

I love this gorgeous gift set and highly recommend it for new Mums, or anyone who's feeling like they need to reclaim some calm and 'me time' in their lives.

If you buy any product from the MamaBabyBliss website before 11th April 2014, 15% of the purchase price will go to the Lullaby Trust. Win-win! 

I'd love to know what you think if you try anything from MamaBabyBliss.. did it work for you?

*I was lucky enough to win this set at the recent #MidsBlogMeet, but all view are my own.


  1. Love the sound of the bliss stick :-)

    1. Thank you - I didn't know you had a blog, popping over now to have a proper read! :-)