Monday, 27 January 2014

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Apple playset review

We love this simple but engaging toy from the world of Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Baby girl was lucky enough to be given it for Christmas, and it's been a consistent hit with her ever since.

There are six, small soft toys that live in, and can be taken out of a large red apple. 

The apple itself has a clear window in the side and opening lid, so baby girl can see what's in there.  There's a brightly coloured pocket on the outside of the apple which fits one toy in.  There's a small hole on the other side of the apple which the caterpillar can be poked or pulled through.

The six toys are all different and make a range of sounds to stimulate senses:
  • The orange crinkles
  • The pear squeaks
  • The blue plum has a small bell inside
  • The strawberry squeaks
  • The red apple crinkles
  • The caterpillar crinkles, has different fabrics and a cute face!
Baby girl loves to open the velcro lid of the large apple and take all the toys out, and then put them back again.  The green leaves and stalks on top of the toys really help her get hold of them and develop her fine motor skills.  She also LOVES to pull the caterpillar through the hole in the apple - it simply can't stay poking out!

I love how brightly coloured and simple this toy is.  It's lovely for a boy or girl and I'm sure will be played with for many hours.   Baby girl reaches for this most days, and I'm sure she recognises it from the book too.

You can get this Hungry Caterpillar apple playset from the usual outlets including Amazon and Tesco.  It retails for around £17.  Well worth it in our opinion.

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  1. Seems a lovely toy for a little one. The Hungry Caterpillar is a popular book, and I am sure children would love both the book and the toy.

    Rachel Craig