Sunday, 3 November 2013

October's been and gone

October's been and gone in a flash... here's what I loved about the month.
  • Happy fifth birthday to our son.  Two parties and school sweets!
  • Birthday Caterham Cars 'cakerham' - I have no idea how I made this!

  • Seeing our son learn to read and write in just a few short weeks :-)
  • Our first school harvest festival - I shed a quiet proud tear at the back
  • Getting out and about at Coombe Park in Coventry. Read my blog post.
  • Catching up with work and engaging my brain for a while
  • Baby girl sitting up in a wobbly, unstable way, but definitely sitting up!
  • Half term swimming with our son and daughter
  • Baby girl's first tooth, bottom left
  • Seeing our son go splat in a big puddle after falling off his scooter.  He wasn't hurt at all - just drenched!

I'd love to hear what your highlights of last month were.. don't be a stranger and leave a comment :-)

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