Friday, 15 November 2013

Late to the slow blogger party

Not for the first time, I'm late to a party.  This time it's the slow blogging party.  What's that?

[Slow blogging] is based on the very simple idea that blogging is better for everyone involved if we all just take a deep breath, pause, and give ourselves time and space to be creative. Tots 100

Since I joined the blogging movement, I have felt the pace.  It's relentless.  Sometimes it seems everyone wants to review everything, be the latest linky, start the latest hashtag.  I get daily emails from blogs with new entries every day.  Sometimes two or three entries.  I'm not criticising - if it works for them, then great.

But I'm a competitive soul.  I check Tots 100.  I feel the pressure to update this blog regularly.  I want to 'keep up'.

But why?

I started this blog to record our family life.  For my kids to have a record of the things we do.  It's a place to reflect and share things we love.  And while it's lovely to have readers and followers, and link up every now and again, this is a hobby.  Not just any old hobby.  My hobby.  Something to enjoy, savour, and think about.

Hobbies don't have to be competitions.  Sometimes the winner is the happiest person at the back, not the one with the most badges.  So calm down competitive streak.  While I might not have the busiest blog in the blogosphere, it's mine.  And I like it.  So there.

So I officially declare this a slow blog.  It seems fitting that the Tots 100 slow blog badge started in April and I'm only now linking to it.  I guess that's the point.

Tots100 Slow Blogging


  1. I think if you lose the reason u start blogging in the first place then you don't enjoy it as much ! Like the slow blog thang ! Btw came over from mummy glitzier nice guest post !

    1. Thank you! Slow blogging is definitely the way forward :-)