Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Spooky fruit - a halloween special

Halloween seems to get bigger every year and our local shops are full of it.  I love it - any excuse for a party!  Our son is really getting into Halloween this year and has a pumpkin party at school for the first time, and we're hosting a halloween party for eight adults and children in a couple of weeks.

So when I heard about the Alex and Alexa spooky fruit competition, I couldn't resist giving it a go.  I knew it would help get us in the halloween spirit.

The competition is to create a spooky fruit carving; a modern take on a Jack O'Lantern.  You can win everything for a great halloween with kids, including spooky outfits, party supplies and Lego heads.  Perfect if you're hosting a party!  You can read more about the competition at the Alex and Alexa Life and Style site.

Our fruit bowl is always full, so I emptied it and thought about what to create.

What is spooky at halloween?  Ghosts definitely are, witches can be too.. but what about a vampire?  Hmm.. we could be on to something here.

Our son watched on the sidelines as I set about carving, chopping and peeling the fruit.  First came the face and hair, carved out of melon with blueberries sliced in half.

Then some of the facial features.  The eyes started life as red grapes, but I knew they could be improved..  It was starting to take shape.

So with the suggestion from our son to put blueberries in the eyes to make them look even scarier, I assembled our final spooky fruit vampire.

Spooky enough for you?  With his blackberry eyebrows, orange ears, blueberry hair, apple mouth, coconut teeth with raspberry blood dripping, we called him Dra-fruit-cooler (geddit?!).

Here's my halloween gang adding to the spookiness factor.

And the best part?  Our son ate LOADS of Dra-fruit-cooler for his dessert after dinner!

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