Monday, 7 October 2013

Only when you're a Mum.. #MotherhoodUnderstood

Cussons Mum and Me has a lively Twitter account that tweets at all hours.  It got me through many a sleepless 3am when I was pregnant!  It goes under the #MotherhoodUnderstood tag and posted the following this morning..

Checking Twitter as soon as you get up #MotherhoodUnderstood.

It made me think about other Motherhood Understood facts; here's my few:
  • 7.30am is a lie in to be had once every month or two.  Max..
  • Getting ready to go out can be done whilst bathing the kids, reading a story and brushing their teeth.
  • You know the Cbeebies schedule off by heart...   ...and quite fancy that Mr Maker guy
  •  ditto Mr Bloom (or is that just me?)
  • The kids are your excuse to decorate the whole house like a massive Christmas tree for the whole of December
  • Dates are now of the play variety
  • You look back and think how much time you wasted in bed before you had kids
  • Checking Twitter as soon as you get up... and it only taking a minute to catch up on your timeline because you were awake an hour ago
  • Chocolate is something that's administered in secret, hourly, while the kids aren't watching.
  • Coffee is your best friend in the morning.  Every morning.  At least twice.
  • You're able to pick their voice out from a room full of 50 kids in soft play, who are all screeching.
  • If you ever make it out of the house without them, you're constantly looking around you and feeling like you've forgotten something.
  • You love them most when they're clean from a bath, smell lovely and are sleeping like angels.

I could go on and on and on.... I'd love to hear yours.  Please leave a comment or two.

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