Friday, 9 August 2013

What do you say to a celebrity? Carfest moment!

Ever had a face-palm-plant moment whilst utterly star struck by a celebrity?

I like to think of myself as a down to earth person.  I'm not phased by presenting to groups, speaking in public or even my son having a meltdown in the supermarket.  So I was stunned to find myself completely star struck at Carfest North.

We'd gone up to the festival at Oulton Park for the weekend.  My husband and our son LOVE cars, so we were lucky enough to get tickets and go camping over the whole weekend.

On Saturday, we were walking round the paddock, where cars are parked so you can view them.  I was holding our son's hand.  He was covered in eating an ice cream.  I could see a small crowd of people about 25 metres ahead of us.

As I looked, I could see Chris Evans was there, posing for photos and chatting to people.

We walked slightly away from the crowd and I saw him get on the back of an electric buggy that was driving towards us.  He stopped right next to us, and I just stood there, inanely grinning at him. 

What should I say?  I could've tried, "hello", or "we're having a great time", or "we're big fans of your radio show" or "nice hat" or bloody well anything that normal people say to each other.  But instead, I just stood, goggle eyed, slightly sunburnt, grinning inanely and unable to take my eyes off him.

To his credit, he smiled at us, and told our son to let me have some of his ice cream.  And then he was gone.

Where on earth does normal sense go when faced with someone 'off the telly'?  I really wish I'd just said 'hello' and smiled at him.

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