Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Weaning Wednesday - more tastes

I posted last Wednesday about baby girl's first food tastes, and thought I'd follow it up with a few more recipe ideas this week.

But first, I had to share this picture:

She's had loads of different fruit and vegetables, and I thought she might like some yoghurt.  I was right!  It was very messy and went everywhere, but she loved it.  At her age I love the Plum Baby creamy fromage frais because they have no added sugar.  She only has a few spoonfuls at the moment, but as she's a hungry munchkin I can see this changing soon.

So, here's some more fruit and veg puree ideas for you.  We love:

  • Sweet potato and parsnip
  • Mashed potato (a good one to mix milk into)
  • Apple and pear (I usually add porridge to this as it can be thin)
  • Red pepper and butternut squash - I grill the red peppers and remove the skin and blend with steamed squash
  • Strawberry and banana

Next on our list to try are tomatoes and more green veg like courgettes.  I'll soon start adding in some other ingredients like wholewheat pasta to her meals too.  I'm sure she'll love them.

I'd love to hear about your weaning tips.  Do you have any spoons/bowls/recipes/bibs you love?  I sometimes get inspiration from Annabel Karmel, but don't always follow her advice to the letter - do you?

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