Saturday, 31 August 2013

Chicco tested for happiness update

It's so exciting to be part of the Chicco tested for happiness project.  Baby girl and I were so fortunate to be chosen as one of five testers a month or two ago, and will be part of the campaign for the next 12 months or so.

The campaign's now getting up and running; you can read my profile on the website here, as well as reading about all the other testers.  Chicco is posting regular updates on its Facebook feed too.

We were lucky enough to have a delivery of lots of Chicco products to test as part of the campaign a couple of weeks ago.  We hadn't had anything by Chicco before then, but I've been so impressed with everything in the range so far.  It's a really great value brand, with good quality and thoughtfully designed products.

Over the next 12 months all the happiness testers will review the products they receive, and you'll be able to read and see my first review of the Polly 2in1 highchair on the website soon.  Doing a video review of the highchair was a first for me and I was a bit nervous, but is something I really enjoyed and have vowed to do more of for this blog!

I'll also share reviews of my baby girl's most favourite Chicco products on this blog.  If I can figure out how to do it with Rafflecopter, I'll do a giveaway too.  Watch this space!

Disclaimer: I am a happiness tester for Chicco, but this blog post is not sponsored and is all my own thoughts.

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