Monday, 26 August 2013

BEABA teether review

As baby girl approaches six months, we're firmly in the teething phase .  We still use our MAM cloth teether, but now baby girl is a bit older, she loves to hold onto things and put them in her mouth.

Step in the BEABA teether ring!

I love BEABA products and think they look great, well made and slightly quirky.  So I couldn't wait to try this teether on baby girl.

The teether comes in a clear reusable case to keep it clean when out and about.  It's a minimal design; the green section is hard plastic with grooves, and the purple section in flexible rubber with the logo embossed.  It can go in a steriliser and freezer and so far has come up like new every time I've washed it.

Most importantly, baby girl loves it.  She finds it easy to grip, pass from hand to hand  and likes to bite the purple and green sections.  We keep it in her car seat so she can play and use it on car journeys, which we hope alleviates the boredom for her as well as helping her gums and teeth.

Although quite expensive, I do recommend this teether.  It looks great and doesn't have any small parts to worry about falling off.  As it's sterilisable and has a case it is great when you're out and about too.

You can follow BEABA on Twitter @BEABA_UK, or on Facebook where they regularly share news, updates and competitions.

P.S.  If anyone knows how to pronounce BEABA, I'd love to know!  Is it bee-ba, be-ar-ba, bay-ba?  I have wondered everytime I see the teether!

Disclaimer: I won this product a while ago on Twitter, but BEABA was unaware of my intention to blog about it until after I published this post.

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