Friday, 26 July 2013

The joy of an older age gap

It took us a while to decide to have our baby girl; much longer than the traditional two year age gap.  Our son was three and a half when I fell pregnant with our daughter and I was a bit worried how a four year age gap would work.

After so long with our full attention, I didn't know how our boy would adjust to 'sharing' us.  I wasn't sure how he'd feel about his old room, bed, clothes and toys all being used by another baby.  Most of all, I was worried he'd want to send the new baby back - you hear so many horror stories.

I shouldn't have worried.  I'm so proud of our little guy; he's grown up and adjusted so well in the last four and a half months.  He loves his sister so much and never once has been jealous of her.  He shares his toys (agh, that's too small!) and always looks out for her and makes sure she's ok.

I'm sure it's because he's an older brother.  He understands when I explain I'll only be a few minutes sorting out a nappy and then I'll play.  He knows he has no use for baby toys and doesn't mind his sister playing with them.  He understands when I explain to him that he must stay close because I can't run after him with the baby, and stays close.

I think they look so much alike too, they really are two peas in a pod.

I'd love to hear how your eldest adjusted to a younger brother or sister arriving.  Was it plain sailing?  I still don't understand why so many people think a two year age gap is ideal - do you?

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