Friday, 19 July 2013

Pre-schooler play - counting days

In a previous post I talked about baby play colour days, where you take baby out for a walk, pointing out everything of a single colour.

For our older son, we have counting days.  So while we're pointing out colours for our baby girl, our son counts things that are the same while we're out walking.  As he's car obsessed, this is usually cars!

On motorways we always count Eddie Stobart trucks (our highest records was 28 Stobies on one journey!), but walking around our estate at home we usually go for obscure cars - Alfa Romeos, Fiats etc.  This keeps him interested and looking around, whilst still challenging him to remember and count in order.

He loves to keep a tally and will remember it all day until his Dad gets home from work to tell him.  In the early days, it definitely helped him practice his numbers and counting too, although these days he just loves spotting the cars!

How do you keep your pre-schooler amused on walks?  I'd love to hear your tips!

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