Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Baby play - colour days

I try and take our baby girl out for walks regularly to get some fresh air, but sometimes the motivation to get out can be a bit lacking if we haven't got anywhere to go!  To combat this, I choose a colour theme for the walk and point out everything to her of that colour.

This gives us something to 'talk' about, gives us a reason to get out and discover how much we can see of a single colour, and will eventually help her with colour recognition (at four months she's a bit young at the moment!).

Earlier in the week we went for a 'yellow' walk, and we saw:
  • Four yellow cars
  • Lots of yellow flowers, but mostly dandelions
  • A skip
  • Yellow numbers plates on cars
  • A yellow poster in a shop window.

It might sound silly, but it helps me get out and about and share the world with her.  Do you have any quirky habits or ideas that get you out of the house?  I'd love to hear them.

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