Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What makes my Dad great?

I read about a great competition over on Rachael Jess' blog to win an Osiris Chrono watch.  It's being run by @johnlewisretail 's PR team and would make a great prize for a special Dad this Father's Day!

To enter, you need to write a blog entry on what makes your Dad great, explain the competition and link to your entry on Rachael's page.  Rachael will send over all the entries to the PR company, and the winner will be chosen at random by the PR company on 13th June.

So here's my entry about what makes my Dad great:

I'll start off with his 'classic' car collection.  In my lifetime we've had Maestros, Morris Minors, Talbot Sunbeams and a red Cavalier that was his pride and joy back in the day.  One of my funniest childhood memories is when my brother 'disappeared' into the footwell of our brown and wooden Mini Clubman because he was so embarrassed to be seen in it!  My Dad shamelessly loved all of his old 'heaps' (as we called them), and now I realise, I love that he worked so hard to buy those beat up old cars so we could get around.  It's only now in retirement that he's treated himself to a half decent BMW. 

Despite the rubbish old cars, Dad was always happy to taxi me around before I could drive myself.  I don't remember him ever complaining despite the 8am lift to step aerobics on a Sunday (ouch, sorry Dad!), or late nights where I probably smelt like I hadn't been 'on the soft drinks all night'!

And of course, there's the ever helpful Bank of Dad.  We didn't have loads when I was little, but we never went without.  And even now, despite being a working professional and Mum of two, Bank of Dad still occasionally steps in so I can treat myself (or in fact, my son can treat himself to an ice cream!).

I'll end with the best thing about my Dad right now: how much he dotes on his two grandkids, my son and daughter.  It's lovely to see him cuddling and playing scalextric with them :-)

Let me know if you enter the competition, I'd love to read your entries too!

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