Thursday, 13 June 2013

Baby playtime - idea one, brightly coloured fabric play

Having a baby in the house after getting used to a boisterous toddler and now four year old has brought back many memories of the challenge of playtime activities with a littlie who can't sit up or concentrate for very long.  So I thought, I can't be the only person who struggles to think of ways to engage and develop a new baby! 

So, as our daughter's now three months old, when I pick up new play time activities or ideas, I'll post them on this blog to hopefully inspire others.  I'd also love to hear your ideas too!  Please leave a comment or link to your blog so we can share.

Idea one: brightly coloured fabric play
  • Set up time: a couple of minutes
  • Play time: between five and 10 minutes
  • Cost: free if you have the fabric
  • Equipment required: lightweight silk/cotton/polyester scarves or fabric that contain different colours
The idea is that baby lies on the floor, you sit very close by.  It could also work on a change mat or table.  Choose a time when baby is awake and alert (obviously!).  With your lightweight summer scarves cover baby lightly with them for a short time and remove them to an animated "there you are".  Show baby the colours and textures, describing them as you do.  Lift the fabrics to quickly cover your face and play very quick peekaboo, to help baby learn that even when they can't see you, you are there!  You can also lay the scarves on the floor and practice tummy time so baby can actively see what's there. 

For an older baby who's sitting up, you can also practice waving the fabric like a flag and rolling it up to create patterns on the floor.

I've done this with our daughter before, and will post a pic in the next couple of days to show her enjoying it.

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