Thursday, 2 May 2013

Review of Cheeky Shoes

I don't know about you, but Santa usually brings me slippers for Christmas.  Except last year, when he brought me a Kindle instead.  So I've been on the lookout for a pair of indoor shoes for a while now.

I was introduced to Cheeky Shoes through a competition, and loved the website and look of the shoes.  As I tend to wear my slippers in the garden and we have hard floors, Cheeky Shoes looked ideal as a compromise to keep my toes warm, look great and be reasonably hard wearing but comfortable!

Cheeky Shoes was started by two guys who had the business idea at university and wanted to build a business designing and selling comfortable and 'cheeky' shoes to women. 

So, I placed my order on a Friday night (a pair of cerise pink Cheeky Shoes) and had a Paypal receipt instantly.  I didn't immediately get an order confirmation email but didn't think anything of it.  By the way, I found the website and ordering process really easy, even on my Kindle.

By Tuesday morning the following week I was starting to wonder if my order had been received, and then at about 3pm I had an order receipt email and order processed email within minutes of each other.

The shoes arrived six days after my order (ok this is only a three working day gap) and fitted through the post box as they say on the website so it didn't matter that I wasn't in.  Hooray!

Here the plastic packet they came in:

And here's what was in the packet:

They shoes are really comfortable, and the colour is very vibrant.  The sizes are true to form, and my usual size six fits perfectly so no need to take advantage of the free return policy.  The soles of the shoe are firm but flexible, and the top is a neoprene/lycra mix that stretches aroundy your feet.  The packet states they're 'made in China, but not in a sweatshop', which makes me feel better.

I've worn the shoes all this morning and they're very comfy and perfect for this lovely weather, and would be great indoors in winter too.  I can imagine they would be fab on holiday, especially on the beach!

Despite taking a while to arrive (I guess I live in an Amazon world where everything is very quick), I still love the website and the back story to the brand. 

I'll be back to buy another pair soon!

Disclaimer: Shoes were purchased as a consumer and Cheeky Shoes were unaware of this blog post at the time of writing.

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