Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Off he goes!

We enjoyed a lovely bank holiday weekend, it was great to get some sun.  We spent a lot of time at the park with our son and daughter, and our son achieved an important milestone - he rode a bike on his own for the first time!

He had a Kokua Likeabike Jumper balance bike when he was just over two (Santa brought it for him at Christmas) and he's always loved it.  So we got him a second hand bike without stabilisers a few months ago because he was so fast on his balance bike and at four and a half was rapidly outgrowing it.  With it being second hand, we didn't mind if it got a bit mashed as and when he falls off!

At the weekend he showed an interest in it, so on he got, we explained how it worked and off he went first time, after we gave him a push to get him started!  Somehow it felt like a bigger moment than when he first started walking... seeing our little guy cycling and laughing at his success round the park.

He got a bit of a grazed knee and a few bruises, but he laughed his way through it and is now getting really confident on it.  I'm so proud of him :-)

So all in, a great weekend.  Did you or your family achieve any successes over the weekend?  I'd love to hear about them.
This is my entry into the Tots100/Curious George competition.

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