Tuesday, 28 May 2013

MAM Oral Care Rabbit review

When it comes to teething, it feels like I know it all.  Our son started teething really early, and suffered alot with it.  His cheeks were bright red, we were up night after night on and off for many months, and it felt like I tried every 'natural' remedy with him.  Eventually we resorted to Calpol, which, in the end, proved the only thing that relieved his symptoms.

So when our daughter started dribbling a few weeks ago and was generally a bit grouchy, I was really hoping it wasn't her teeth.  At 10 weeks she was a bit early to be starting teething, but with the dribbling and chewing her fist I wondered if her teeth could be bothering her.  She has had a couple of white spots on her gums where her two front bottom teeth will be since she was born, so I figure it must be so!

I won the MAM Oral Care Rabbit about six weeks ago on the excellent MAM UK blog, and although (if I'm honest) I was a bit sceptical, I thought I'd give it a go with her.  Here is ours still in its packet (they are also available in blue), front and back:

The idea is that you put your fingers in the rabbits ears and rub baby's gums to provide teething relief and also to help clean early protruding teeth and get them used to oral care. 

The great thing about the Oral Care Rabbit is that you can wash it at 40, tumble dry it and sterilise it by boiling, steam or microwave if you want to.  So I washed it on a normal white wash in non-bio and figured it was clean enough to use without sterilising. 

Just so you know, the front of the ears is microfibre, and the back is satin type/polyester material.  The face feels like a soft and cuddly mix of cotton and polyester.

Despite my initial scepticism, our daughter genuinely seemed to like it, and it provided her with some relief when biting on the ears.  It meant I could have a bit of a feel round her mouth too and see if I could feel any teeth coming through (not yet!).  She spent a good few minutes chewing, sucking and biting on it and it stopped her from crying, whilst seeming to provide some relief. 

It was also good to know I was giving her gums a bit of a clean too, and although our daughter isn't sicky at all, if you have a baby that is this would be a nice way to clean out their mouth. 

We've used it a few times now and each time she spends a while biting down on it while I rub her gums.  It washes and dries well and continues to be soft and cuddly, so I'm sure when she's old enough to hold and put things in the mouth this will be something she will use herself again and again.

The MAM Oral Care Rabbit comes in pink and blue, and you can get it from all the usual outlets including Amazon.  It retails for about £5.  Well worth it I think!

Do you have any good teething tips that provide relief?  I'd love to hear them.

Disclaimer:  I won this product in a competition on the MAM UK blog so I didn't pay for it, but MAM was unaware of this blog entry and all thoughts are my own.

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